Support Groups 

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S.M.I.L.E. (Single Parent Support)


SMILE is a program dedicated to researching, obtaining and sharing information and resources with single parent or adults serving in that capacity to children under their care.

We form sustaining partnerships and relationships with other support and educational agencies.

We are dedicated to the ACES theory; Advocating, Celebrating, Encouraging and Supporting, which is a system that will help build positive growth and healthy well-being among single parents and their children.


We believe that healthy individuals develop healthy families, and that healthy families are the heart and soul of every community. 

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The Release (Grief Recovery)

The Release purpose is to help others who are grieving to begin the process of healing in the midst of their pain. We seek to offer individual prayer, support groups, and connections with others that are experiencing and going through the grieving process. We utilize community partners and other social services, guest speakers, funding support and referrals.


We believe you can heal and be whole again!


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