Pastor Jarvis Wash

Pastor Jarvis Wash.  Impassioned community leader, ecclesiastical visionary and trusted friend, Pastor Jarvis Wash is the founder and senior Pastor of The R.E.A.L. Church, Inc., which stands for Reaching, Equipping, Affecting Lives for Christ. He is married to First Lady Elois Wash who supports him in ministry.   Wash was born November 17, 1977 in Oakland, CA.  His mother was a prostitute, ill-equipped for the responsibilities of motherhood; his father was a pimp. This unscrupulous upbringing, marred by criminal activity not limited to prostitution and drug activity, could have determined Wash’s fate.  Instead, he used the adverse urban experiences of Oakland to renegotiate his purpose and propel his career to one based on serving and giving back to those in disadvantaged communities.  His current desire is to not only win souls to Christ, but to simultaneously assist others with positive personal growth and empowerment such as identifying job opportunities and resources, as well as continuing education.   

He has become an esteemed and insightful preacher and teacher of The Gospel of Jesus Christ.  He is a visionary and a results driven leader with a proven track record for promoting organizational growth and establishing partnerships with cohesiveness.  His personal philosophy is “mission brings on maintenance.”

He is noted for his effectiveness in outreach.  Not only do his immediate parishioners gravitate towards him, but the community does as well.  It is often stated that Wash not only pastors The R.E.A.L. Church, but he pastors the community as well.  Since his tenure in Cocoa, FL, he has and continues to act as quarterback, thereby leading and coaching a series of outreach initiatives heavily involved in crime prevention.  Wash has a strong passion for protecting families, reducing crime and supporting at-risked youth.  Wash’s approach to community engagement has netted him a reputation for being ever vigilant.