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The G.O.D. Project is a workforce readiness training and job placement program for juvenile offenders, ages 15-17. Aimed at redirecting their path of poverty, crime and incarceration/detention to one of support, educational success and skill building.

Our goal is to provide intervention programming and support that ultimately strengthens families by providing mentorship and employment opportunities that assist juvenile offenders in turning their lives around.

The G.O.D. Project is an innovative collaboration between My Community Cares, Inc., the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice and local Brevard County businesses.

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Be A MEntor

Be available to guide and support.  Be a sounding board and consistent/stable resource for a young person who has been challenged with an unstable environment 


Become An Employment Partner

To serve as an employment partner we ask that you:

• Provide an appropriate job for a 15, 16 or 17 year old

• Provide 8 paid hours of employment each week (Saturday hours preferred)

• Support the employee’s pathway to success by making an investment in their training program


Support The G.O.D. Project 

If you don’t have the time to commit to mentoring a troubled youth, and you don’t have any appropriate jobs available within your business, consider supporting the program with a Tax-deductible donation.  

Your support assists My Community Cares in ensuring these young people have access to a Christian-based support network and that they develop the skills they need to be a successful, contributing member of the Brevard community

Partner with us

Partner with us