The Real Church began as a religious entity, but realized early on that there was a need that existed outside the four walls. This need could not be ignored.   Crime was at an all-time high. Gangs, drugs, and violence were taking over.  As a result, we were losing young men, women and children to homicide, suicide and incarceration. Families were suffering from economic depression. Young children were being left fatherless/motherless as they cried from the fear of the unknown...... "What Will Happen to Me”?   The Real Church answered the call.  Our goal is to become a positive force within the community by showing those who are hurting and in need that we, the Real Church, are not only going to help- but more importantly, we are going to ensure that they know we genuinely care.  Thus our non-profit arm; My Community Cares (MCC) was formed in 2013. The primary focus of MCC is caring for and establishing pride within our communities.



​MCC provided over 65,000 units of service to men, women and children within our community.


We provide solutions to economic and social problems before and even after they exist: to provide community opportunities for improving and developing new skills, to develop self sufficiency.


Every client first visit to us starts with an evaluation and assessment of our client need. MCC will then refer individuals and/or families to various internal/external support services that will address their needs.