Youth Services
Brevard Rentry Portal
S.M.I.L.E. -Single Mother Intervening Lives Effectively. is a single parent support group.
Healing For The Hurting is a support group for those grieving the lost of a loved one. 
My Community Cares takes a holistic and proactive approach by providing services to children, teens, and adults in need. By redirecting an individual’s path from a world marked by poverty, crime, and incarceration to one of support and educational success, MCC helps change their trajectory away from poverty and crime.

The Brevard Reentry Portal’s  will be  a single point of entry for returning citizens, and their family members which will facilitate access to community-based resources


Life Skills program is designed to prevent and provide solutions to economic and social problems before and even after they exist.

The P.L.U.G.


​​​Support Groups

We help Families!

The P.L.U.G. (Party Learn Understand Grow) for children grades K-5th Grade.
The S.P.O.T. (A Special Place for Our Teens) primary focus is teens in crisis.