​​​The REENTRY Center of Brevard 

VISION:To Increase the well-being for all Brevard citizens, now and for future generations.
(Well-being includes safety/security, good health, positive social relationships, and availability and access to basic resources (e.g., housing, income)
MISSION: To accelerate returning citizens’ potential by equipping them with valuable skills that allows them to experience success and become contributing members of the community.

WHO IS TRC: ​ The REENTRY Center of Brevard (TRC) will help returning citizens from incarceration with assistance for successful re-entry into our community. This Re-entry initiative will allow returning citizens access to vital post-release services (e.g., housing, employment, cognitive-behavioral intervention, health care, job placement and training, mentoring, and counseling) with the intent of helping them successfully transition back into the community through a continuum of care that will offer returning citizens support to succeed. The  REENTRY Center of Brevard  Portal staff will also contact inmates releasing to Brevard County prior to release to begin the re-entry transition planning. The primary outcome of The  REENTRY Center of Brevard Portal is to increase public  safety by reducing recidivism.

How do I register?
(I’m not incarcerated)
You may register by going to the TRC facility located at 825 Temple Street, Cocoa, FL 32922.

Registration hours are from 9-5:30pm Monday through Friday.
If you qualify for the program, you will be assigned a re-entry specialist.
1. You must agree to participate in case management for a period of at least 3 months.
2. The re-entry specialist will direct you to the appropriate social services and help you achieve successful re-entry into the community.
On a regular basis, TRC re-entry specialists will travel to a designated Central Florida facility.  You can request to meet with them prior to your release.

How do I qualify for TRC
You have to:
¨ Live in Brevard County
¨ Be a felon
¨ Be convicted in Brevard County
¨ Been sentenced to state prison
¨ Have been released within the last 6 months

What if I do not qualify for TRC

If you do not meet the full requirements of TRC, we can still provide information and referrals to other agencies for assistance.

Services Provided

TRC provides the following services to qualified clients:
Assistance with transitional housing (there's a waiting list)
Health care referrals
Substance abuse and mental health evaluations and referrals.
Transportation assistance
Food and Clothing
Pre-employment training
Case management
Food Stamp application
Filing for social security benefits
Interview and Work Clothing

TRC is committed to our community partners and returning citizens’ service providers who work with us and provide guidance and oversight through their participation.  TRC works cooperatively with law enforcement agencies, state attorneys, public defenders, health service providers, businesses and other agencies for referrals and customer services. In addition, the TRC coordinates the sharing of information among the participating agencies to facilitate the screening of and case processing for program referrals.

· State of Florida Department of Corrections
· Brevard Homeless Coalition
· Brevard Re-Entry Task Force

The REENTRY Center of Brevard
825 Temple Street
Cocoa, FL  32922
Office: 321-305-6027
Fax: 321-305-6033




COVID-19 Message
The well-being of our staff and clients is our top priority.  Until July 31, 2020, The REENTRY Center of Brevard is by appointment only; we're not open to the public. 

 If you are a new client that received our intake form, please call and advise us you have been released and to schedule your initial appointment.  Welcome Home!  The number to call is 321-305-6027.

Thank you for understanding.  Stay healthy and stay safe!